Life Insurance Fiduciary Review

Trustees and advisors throughout New England and across the country rely upon our consultants for objective, multi-dimensional life insurance reviews.  These reviews enable advisors to optimize their due diligence for clients, live up to the fiduciary responsibility delineated in the model Uniform Prudent Investor Act, which is adopted in most states and further established in case law, including Indiana Court of Appeals case, In re Stuart Cochran Irrevocable Trust.  Our extensive, expert reviews help trustees mitigate their fiduciary liability and allow client advisors to counsel their clients with confidence. 

Meaningful Metrics & Recommendations

Drawing on state-of-the market analytics and financial modeling, we provide an unbiased perspective on the efficiency of an insurance portfolio.  Reviews can delve into everything from the suitability of a portfolio for its stated purpose, to carrier financial stability, to duration risk. Our prudent experts can weigh in on cost-effectiveness, product performance volatility and correlations to other assets, tax and gifting techniques, and more. 

While each engagement is tailored to individual needs, historical and future performance is typically critical.  Our performance assessments range from analysis of Internal Rates of Return (IRR) on both death benefits and cash surrender value, to capital return multipliers and other metrics meaningful to decision-making. 

Practiced in the application of the very latest and most effective products and design techniques, as well as in improving mortality experience, we can present modifications to existing policies (whether in terms of product structure or funding strategy) and portfolio alternatives for clients. 

For trustees and advisors seeking reassurance and confidence, Pinnacle consultants provide a vital third-party perspective, delivered with best-in-class expertise. 

Life Insurance Portfolio Construction and Implementation



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Kenneth J. Masters
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