Life Insurance Portfolio Construction & Implementation

Pinnacle life insurance consulting begins with a thorough, thoughtful analysis of your family’s individual needs and goals. With your unique considerations and objectives in focus, we then compare and contrast different alternative planning options that most effectively achieve your goals within the parameters of both the transfer tax system and the broad universe of insurance products and designs.  

Since your planning situation is unique to you, our solutions are custom-tailored to achieve your goals.  As we construct potential insurance portfolios and associated estate planning strategies, our consultants will show you how various factors, from estate and gift tax laws to economic and market conditions, can impact the effectiveness of the various options over time.  We use advanced financial modeling - including stochastic modeling and Monte Carlo simulations - to generate meaningful data and forward-looking analyses that illustrate the likely performance of particular program structures through various scenarios.  So when evaluating different life insurance options, you confidently understand not just the possible outcomes, but the probable outcomes for your portfolio down the road.

Resources.  Relationships.  Responsibility.

With our consulting mantra being to minimize risk and optimize performance, we use proprietary analytics to diversify products within the portfolio from a carrier and product chassis standpoint.  We look for the appropriate balance of quality and performance based on input from you and your advisors.

Of course, even an optimal design is only as good as its implementation, and our ability to effectively implement our agreed-upon strategy.  We use our extensive market experience and relationships, including our relationships as a member of M Financial Group, to negotiate unparalleled underwriting for our clients.  With over 100 combined years of experience, our team has relationships with carriers that run deep. Our underwriting advocacy skills are well-honed.

Your wealth transfer life insurance portfolio is a long term, tangible asset. Structuring it should not be a leap of faith, but a carefully calculated decision.  Pinnacle life insurance consultants provide you and your advisors with the relevant data and insights necessary to make informed, smart decisions.  

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