Portfolio Design & Implementation

Pinnacle has the expertise to design and implement a private placement insurance program that aligns with the unique financial objectives of domestic and international high net-worth clients. In addition to the income tax benefits of PPLI, ultra affluent clients may also find PPLI to be as a sophisticated estate planning tool, to provide greater asset protection or a means of enhancing philanthropic planning. Our consultants listen carefully to the goals of the client and genuinely partner with advisors to develop highly customized diagnostics that help determine the most optimal PPLI structure. We openly educate advisors and clients on the opportunities and risks of various scenarios before implementing a plan.

When developing a customized and optimal PPLI investment structure,there are several structuring considerations that require a specialized expert to navigate effectively. Some of these considerations include the policy funding strategy, the policy structure, single or joint mortality insurance and the size of the death benefit,insurance capacity and reinsurance. As a member of M Financial Group, our consultants have additional proprietary carrier options and capacity to offer clients than other insurance advisors, which can add significant value for PPLI investors.

Private Placement Portfolio Management




Michael Mingolelli, Jr

Michael A. Mingolelli, Jr., Esq.
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Kenneth Masters

Kenneth J. Masters
Director of Life Insurance
Design and Development
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Advisors now have a new tool to help explain the strategy and potential value of private placement insurance products.
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