Executive Benefits/COLI/BOLI


One of many challenges faced by businesses and management teams is how to cost-effectively maximize employee retention and attract top talent in today's competitive economy. Executive benefits, now more than ever, are key differentiators for organizations given the current retirement epidemic in this country resulting from lower savings rates, historically low interest rates and longer life expectancies forcing employees to work longer. These longer tenures impact bottom lines, as payroll and health care costs rise with an older demographic. 

As a comprehensive executive benefits consulting firm, Pinnacle deftly guides companies, as well as their management teams and boards, through the maze of executive benefit programs and their appurtenant funding options. 


Executive Benefits

Management and key employees are oftentimes restricted in how much they can save for retirement, and carefully crafted executive benefits plans provide means for executives and key employees to save for retirement.

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Corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) and insurance company-owned life insurance (ICOLI) offer companies attractive vehicles for funding executive and employee benefit programs.

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Bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) is used as a tax-efficient method for offsetting the costs of employee benefit programs.

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