Private Client Consulting

We can help you protect, preserve and pass on your wealth with confidence. We differentiate ourselves on discovering how your plan fits into your overall tax and wealth planning objectives.

We offer an active review and monitoring process for each client. We use technology to monitor the review process. Using state-of-the-market analytics, we provide our clients with sophisticated analyses of planning and tax strategies, insurance products and insurance carriers. So your life’s most important decisions can be made in a calculated manner, using real data.

We believe life insurance and estate planning isn’t a one-time event. It’s a lifelong process.

Construction/ Implementation

Life Insurance Portfolio Construction & Implementation

Your wealth transfer life insurance portfolio is a long-term, tangible asset. Structuring it should involve carefully calculated decisions.

Our life insurance consulting begins with a thorough, thoughtful analysis of your family’s individual needs and goals. We will provide you and your advisors with the relevant data and insights necessary to make informed, smart decisions. With your unique considerations and objectives in focus, we provide a solution that’s custom tailored to help you achieve your goals.
Our consultants illustrate how various factors, from estate and gift tax laws to economic and market conditions, can impact the effectiveness of the various options over time. We use advanced financial modeling, such as stochastic modeling and Monte Carlo simulations, to generate insightful data and forward-looking analyses to illustrate the performance of program structures through various scenarios.

We use proprietary analytics to diversify products within the portfolio from a carrier and product chassis standpoint, and for the appropriate balance of quality and performance based on input from you and your advisors.
Our extensive market experience and relationships, including M Financial Group, helps us negotiate unique underwriting for our clients. With more than 100 combined years of experience, our team has relationships with carriers that run deep.


Life Insurance Portfolio Management

Once the papers are signed, the work doesn’t stop there. Through Pinnacle’s active management policy, our life insurance consultants keep you and your program top of mind, every day. When opportunities arise to enhance your portfolio, you can capitalize on them.

We consistently monitor portfolios and the insurance market to proactively manage your insurance assets in your best interest. We use comprehensive tools and services to help you navigate the changes that can arise in policy crediting rates, carrier financial stability, gift and estate tax law, economic benefits, AFR rates, mortality expectations, policy expenses and estate planning objectives or needs.

Our tools and services include a proprietary 17-point carrier due diligence system, a proprietary web-based policy administration and reporting system, Crummey letter preparation and gift tax reporting. Through policy re-projections, crediting rate undulation analyses, alternative premium funding and duration analyses, and gift, estate and generation-skipping transfer tax coordination and optimization, we can provide insight and react quickly to changes.

We are your ideal partner for on-target, ongoing portfolio administration for you and your advisors.

Fiduciary Review

Life Insurance Fiduciary Review

For trustees and advisors seeking reassurance, our consultants provide objective, multi-dimensional life insurance reviews. These reviews let advisors optimize their due diligence for clients, and live up to the fiduciary responsibility delineated in the model Uniform Prudent Investor Act. Our extensive, expert reviews help trustees mitigate their fiduciary liability and allow client advisors to counsel their clients with confidence.

By employing the latest analytics and financial modeling, you get unbiased perspective on the efficiency of an insurance portfolio, from the suitability of a portfolio for its stated purpose, to carrier financial stability to duration risk.

We tailor each engagement to your needs, where historical and future performance is typically critical. And by using the latest and most effective products and design techniques, we present modifications to existing policies, from product structure to funding strategy, to build you a strong portfolio.